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South Australia is unquestionably the jewel in the Australian wine-growing and winemaking crown, with celebrated regions, vineyards and winemakers, along with a myriad of top local and international awards, bearing testimony to its exceptional status.

Dominic Wines complements its Riverland wine region harvest with grapes sourced from 42 carefully selected and like-minded South Australian vineyards in the premium regions of the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Langhorne Creek, and the Adelaide Hills.

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The Dominic Family hope you, as an extended part of us, are keeping safe and well during these difficult times.

WINEDEPOT signs up alcoholic Kombucha producer

The Company is also pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has signed up New Wave Brewing Co (NWBCo) who produce HALO, a deliciously refreshing organic alcoholic kombucha with all-natural flavours.

With less than 1 gram of sugar per can, HALO is targeting the rapidly growing market of consumers who are looking for healthier alcoholic drinks.

Founder and CEO Dean Taylor, is excited to add yet another alcoholic category to WINEDEPOT’s rapidly growing list of customers.

“While our platform has been built with wine in mind, we’ve discovered that it can service producers of other alcoholic beverages such as craft spirits, beers, ciders and ready-to-drink products equally well. Together these emerging categories dramatically increase the potential addressable market of our integrated trading, order management and smart logistics platform.”

“I’m a massive supporter of innovation so it’s great to be directly involved with a business like NWBCo, who are paving the way by taking HALO to market in this newly emerging category.”

BABO Wines – EOFY Discount Offer

Tuscany ( Toscana), the birthplace of the renaissance, famed across the world for its stunning coast and rolling hills. Beautiful, evocative, Tuscany is one of the most picturesque ( and photographed) places on Earth. And that’s before we get to the incredible local wine and cuisine. Even the cities are jaw-dropping, best illustrated by its magical capital, Florence ( Firenze), that drips with historical significance and beauty. You can see why so many people have dreamt of uttering the line ‘Yes, I like to spend most of August at our villa in Tuscany…’.  

Anyway, this is our roundabout way of saying there are worse spots for making great vino…Three of our wines are made in the region and Justin, our winemaker, spent almost 10 years there overseeing wine making at the revered Castello di Gabbiano winery. That’s why Tuscany, in so many ways, is our physical and spiritual home.

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WINEDEPOT welcomes Henschke

The Company is pleased to report that Henschke has joined the list of esteemed brands using WINEDEPOT’s integrated logistics, trading and order management platform.

Henschke is one of Australia’s most iconic wine brands, famous for producing exceptional red and white wines from vineyards located in Eden Valley, Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills for over 150 years.

CEO, Dean Taylor is extremely proud to have Henschke come onboard as a WINEDEPOT customer.

“With an impressive six-generation family winemaking history, the Henschkes are as close you can get to royalty in our industry. They have created an iconic brand that is highly respected all over the world. Their ‘Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz’, which sells for $865 per bottle if you can get your hands on some, is undoubtedly Australia’s most famous single-vineyard wine.”

“It will be an honour for WINEDEPOT to help them deliver the much acclaimed 2015 vintage of this legendary wine, which has received 100 /100 points from leading wine critics such as Nick Stock, Executive Editor for, and Andrew Caillard, Master of Wine. Henschke has led the way with single-vineyard, single-varietal wines since fourth-generation winemaker Cyril Henschke first created ‘Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz’ in 1952.” “I’m also very excited to welcome another member of Australia’s First Families of Wine to WINEDEPOT. Sitting alongside existing customer Jim Barry, I’m hopeful that they’ll be joined by Australia’s remaining oldest and most respected family owned wineries in the not too distant future.”

WINEDEPOT enjoys another month of record customer growth

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has signed up another 13 customers, bringing the total number of suppliers now using the integrated trading, order management and logistics platform to 58.

Recent additions include:

Recent additions include:

  • Delatite Wines                                             Mansfield, VIC High Country
  • Flying Winemaker                                       Various regions
  • Koonara Wines                                             Coonawarra, SA
  • Manna Gum Vineyard                                 Mornington Peninsula, VIC
  • Marri Wood Park                                          Margaret River, WA
  • Mollydooker Wines                                      McLaren Vale, SA
  • Oates Ends Wines                                     Margaret River, WA
  • Old Young’s Distillery                                   Henley Brook, WA
  • Passing Clouds                                               Macedon Ranges, VIC
  • Pure Vision                                                      Adelaide Plains, SA
  • Silver Lining Wine                                         Adelaide Hills, SA
  • Tynans View                                                    Padthaway, SA
  • Wild Game Wine                                            Coonawarra, SA

CEO, Dean Taylor is very happy with the result, pointing out that while it’s great to see customer numbers growing, the spread of regions where WINEDEPOT is developing a presence is also encouraging. 

“To date most of our marketing efforts have been concentrated in South Australia, where the majority of the nations wine is produced. In those areas we are already seeing the benefits of word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers.”

“Therefore it’s great to see so many new customers coming from other states and regions as it allows us to leverage their peer-to-peer networks to drive compounding growth.”

WINEDEPOT signs up McLaren Vale success story Mollydooker Wines

The Company is pleased to report that Mollydooker Wines has joined the list of esteemed brands using WINEDEPOT’s integrated logistics, trading and order management platform.

Mollydooker Wines is a family owned business that was launched in 2006 and has since transformed into a successful global brand under the leadership of owner and winemaker Sarah Marquis.

Their brand was thrown into the global spotlight after the famous American wine critic Robert M Parker JR reviewed their first vintage of wines and rated their ‘Boxer’ Shiraz as the Best Value Red Wine in the World, ‘their Two Left Feet Shiraz’ Cabernet as the second and their ‘Maitre D’ Cabernet as the fourth. He went on to award their ‘Violinist’ Verdelho the “Best Value White Wine in the World” and their ‘The Velvet Glove’ an astonishing 99 points out of 100.

Mollydooker‘s motto is “Make wines that make people go WOW, through attention to detail and commitment to excellence”.  This is something that they continue to do, never taking shortcuts or compromising on quality.

The winery produces between 70,000 and 100,000 cases of wine per year, with traditionally 80% of this volume being exported to the USA.

As with many Australian wineries, Mollydooker has a renewed focus on strengthening its presence in the domestic market in particular their direct-to-consumer channel and saw WINEDEPOT as the perfect partner to help them achieve this.

WINEDEPOT processes another record number of orders in May

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT processed 2,890 orders in May, representing an increase of 37% on April’s record result.

This result is in line with the guidance provided on 19 May, that the business was on track for another record-breaking month.

DW8 CEO Dean Taylor is extremely pleased with the result stating, “Based on the current order run rate, WINEDEPOT’s quarterly growth rate is now tracking in excess of 100%, more than double what we previously indicated. The majority of this additional growth can be attributed to the activation of new customers.”

“What’s encouraging is that this has been achieved during a very challenging period, when most of our customers cellar doors have been closed forcing them to rely on just their websites and wine clubs to carry them through. Except for the odd bottle shop, virtually none of the orders that we have processed over the last two and a half months have been delivered to restaurants or other licenced premises.”

“It’s important to point out that trade orders generally contain more cases than direct-to-consumer orders. Therefore as tens of thousands of venues reopen, we are likely to see a strong lift in both order and case volumes. Particularly in Q4, which is historically when venues are their busiest and the beverage industry generates the majority of its sales.” “What is more exciting is that the volume of trade orders will be amplified by the launch of our B2B Marketplace which is on track to go live in the second half of this year. Provided the COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift as they have, the expected growth in deliveries to trade customers should help us set many more records over the coming months.”

WINEDEPOT’s Intelligent API Drastically Improved Primo Estate’s Productivity

Family owned winery Primo Estate (est. 1953) based in South Australia’s beautiful McLaren Vale are renowned for their olive oils and unique wines that reflect their Italian heritage. 

The Estate’s revolutionary approach to winemaking gave them a reputation as one of the world’s truly unique winemaking operations, combining modern Australian know-how with old-school Italian winemaking heritage. They were one of the first Australian Olive Oil producers to put Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a bottle, and over the years Primo Estate’s Cold Pressed and First Run Olive Oils have been acclaimed by chefs and gourmets, while the wines have received similar praise.

Matteo Grilli, Primo Estate’s General Manager sat down with WINEDEPOT for a chat about how the service has drastically improved their operations. 

He shares, “WINEDEPOT is a great idea for a service that addressed a problem that has existed for us for a really long time.” 

“We’re a small, family run winery that sell mainly direct to people’s homes and the longstanding issue in Australia has been that it’s very hard for a small winery like us to coordinate a system that was able to improve upon on the base delivery window that Australia Post gave and the rates that go standard with it. This is at the core of what WINEDEPOT are trying to solve and that’s why we’ve come on board.”

 “The potential impact for WINEDEPOT is vast due to three key service elements. Number one, most important, is the added customer service of vastly improved delivery times. If people are confident knowing they can order on Monday and receive their delivery on Wednesday, they’re far more likely to order. Every bit of research we do shows that.”

“The second one element is reduced shipping and storage costs. It can be really worth our while to ship a case of wine from where the winery is in McLaren Vale to Adelaide Metro for example, but that starts to water down with shipping as far as Brisbane and beyond. There’s a real efficiency for us in having stock at the depot. There is a cost saving for us there.” 

“Third is the management efficiency. The WINEDEPOT Application Programming Interface (API) seamlessly integrated into our customer relationship management system (CRM). This removed a lot of the backend tedium of having to enter orders manually and the potential for errors that are associated with that.

The way the API was setup for us has provided a solution for the of transfer of orders. We previously had someone getting up every morning at 8am and downloading the spreadsheets with our orders from the day before, with everything then uploaded manually the next day for the warehouse’s system – neither time or cost efficient. The way it’s set up now, this happens automatically. It also means the orders are placed right away, so if you order in the afternoon, it will reach the warehouse that afternoon rather than the next morning.” 

“The shipping direct has been such a journey for us, because like I said we’re a small winery and a small team but we ship to a lot to people’s homes. At the end of the day before WINEDEPOT came on board we were shipping and packing it all ourselves – everyone was involved in the packing process from winemaker to general manager because that was the sheer volume.

With direct to consumer orders accounting for around 50% of our sales, during Coronavirus closures, this increased significantly. There are so many more people engaging online, including people who haven’t tried our wines before – so between the increased volume and the reduced interstate shipping and handling costs, we joined WINEDEPOT at the perfect time.”

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WINEDEPOT partners with Border Express to develop a dedicated national freight service for wineries

The Company is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Border Express a privately owned Australian company that provides storage, transport and 3PL distribution services, to establish the Albury-Wodonga NDC and develop a dedicated national freight service for wineries.

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor is excited about the partnership saying “What attracted us to Border Express from the outset was not just the scale and reach of their operation, but also the fact they are a privately owned and operated family business who understand what it takes to build and support a national business.”

“We were fortunate that the Luff family recognised the potential of our vision and were willing to invest in a partnership by providing us access to highly competitive prices which will allow us to build up the storage and logistics volumes required to support our NDC and depot network.”

“They have the fleet, sites, technology, people and passion that I believe is required to support the service level we want to provide our customers. Our partnership with them enhances our proposition and allows us to release even more value for our customers and the broader wine and beverage industry.”

Border Express Founder Mr. Max Luff is also positive about the partnership and sees enormous potential for WINEDEPOT’s platform to drive much needed consolidation in what can only be described as a very fragmented and inefficient market.

“Dean’s vision for WINEDEPOT is genuinely exciting. The cost of moving a few pallets at a time around the country is expensive and highly erosive on most wineries margins. Working with him to help create a network that will make that much more affordable for the wine industry is something that we are proud to be part of.”

WINEDEPOT’s expects to launch the dedicated national freight service in July 2020.

WINEDEPOT to launch National Distribution Centre

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT is in the process of launching a 10,000 pallet climate-controlled National Distribution Centre (NDC) in the Albury-Wodonga region.

Strategically located on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, WINEDEPOT’s NDC is centrally located within a large number of major wine producing regions including the Alpine Valleys, Beechworth, Bendigo, Canberra District, Goulburn Valley, Glenrowan, Gundagai, Hilltops, King Valley, Murray Darling, Perricoota, Riverina, Rutherglen, Strathbogie Ranges, Swan Hill and Tumbarumba.

Located almost half way between Sydney and Melbourne on one of the countries busiest freight routes, the NDC will provide wineries in the area access to a much-needed regional storage and distribution hub capable of supporting next day deliveries to the east coast capitals.

With good road and rail access to both Sydney and Melbourne ports, it also provides a central location where wine producers can consolidate, pack and ship their export customer orders.

The NDC is also expected to generate substantial efficiencies for WINEDEPOT by reducing storage and freight costs while improving depot replenishment times.

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor explains that the establishment of a major distribution centre in the Albury-Wodonga region was always part of his original vision for WINEDEPOT.

“Strategically it makes a lot of sense. Not only will it make WINEDEPOT’s end-to-end fulfillment solution more appealing to NSW and Victorian customers and reduce operating costs but also provide us with an important resource to support our B2B Marketplace when it goes live later this year.”

“This facility provides us with an extra 10,000 pallet spaces of climate-controlled storage that can be increased to 25,000 pallets if required. Having this additional storage capacity will help us onboard customers and products much more quickly, particularly distributors with large portfolios.”

“The additional capacity also provides us the opportunity to increase our presence in the bulk packaged wine storage market, at a time when Wine Australia is warning that the global over supply of wine will be its highest in at least 10 years.”

WINEDEPOT’s expects to launch the NDC in July 2020.

Ubertas Wines – Winter Red Pack offer to DW8 Investors.

Ubertas wines is a family-owned boutique winery based in Barossa Valley. Run by two brothers Phil and Kevin Liu who immigrated to Adelaide in 2007.  Phil and Kevin finished their degree in Oenology and Marketing in Adelaide.  Ubertas wines is producing some award-winning red wines from estate-grown vineyard. 

Ubertas Wines would like to extend a 15% off storewide to all DW8 Investors & Friends.

If you shop and spend $150 or more you will also receive free delivery Australia wide and we’ll include a few tasty treats with your order.

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> 2017 Old Vine Project D Shiraz: 94 points. James Halliday 2020
> 2018 Single Vineyard Merlot: Bronze medal. Barossa Valley Wine Show
> 2016 Single Vineyard Shiraz: 92 points. Wine Business Magazine 2019
> 2017 Single Vineyard Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 93 points. Wine business Magazine 2020

To take advantage of this offer please visit and enter the coupon code WEPO in the checkout.

We hope you enjoy these great wines!

DW8 appoints new CFO

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT’s current Finance Manager Mr Matthew Johnson has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Digital Wine Ventures.

Matthew is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of hands on accounting and financial management experience in a range of local and international businesses of various scales.

Companies that he has worked for include PBL (ASX:PBL), British Telecom, Westfield, George Patts, Fairfax (ASX:FXJ) and DMG World Media. Over the last five years Matt’s focus has been helping fast growing SaaS and Fintech businesses like WINEDEPOT including Maestrano, Inlogik and GeoOP (NZA:GEO). Matthew has a rare combination of the experience that allows him to support a rapidly growing technology start-up while providing the reporting regime expected of an ASX listed company.

Matthew’s appointment will officially commence on 1 June 2020 allowing us to bring the full financial function back in house, generating operating efficiencies that lead to a reduction in costs.