WINEDEPOT sets an industry benchmark as it rolls out National Network of Temperature-Controlled Depots


WINEDEPOT plans to roll out National Network of Climate-Controlled Depots 

WINEDEPOT expands delivery fleet, to improve service levels & cater for expected growth 

WINEDEPOT to offer bonded storage, expanding its addressable market 

WINEDEPOT builds ‘moat’ against potential competition 

Digital Wine Ventures (DW8 ASX), “Digital Wines” or the “Company”, is pleased to provide an update on the development of its WINEDEPOT business. 

WINEDEPOT to roll out National Network of Temperature-Controlled Depots 

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has expanded its partnership with Border Express to roll out a National Network of Temperature-Controlled Depots progressively in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth over the next 6 months. 

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor, founder of Wine Ark, Australia’s largest climate-controlled wine storage business for private collectors, is excited to get back into the sector albeit at a commercial scale this time. 

“When I launched Wine Ark in 1999, very few people realised the devastating impact that high and variable temperatures could have on wine. Almost singlehandedly we managed to educate private collectors as to how wine should be stored and set the benchmarks for that industry. However there’s no point for the end consumer going to all that effort, if the wine is damaged in the supply chain before it gets to them.” 

“What is scary is that very few distributors or 3PL providers utilise any temperature control in their warehouses. Temperatures in ambient warehouses can often reach over 40 degrees in summer at ground level and well over 50 degrees at higher levels. While most winery owners would hate to know that’s how their wine are been treated, up until now there hasn’t really been any other option.” “It is therefore my honour and privilege to set another benchmark for the industry by progressively rolling out a National Network of Temperature-Controlled Depots for the wine and beverage industry. I am confident that our move will be greatly appreciated by not only wine producers using our service but also consumers alike, when they receive a delivery from WINEDEPOT.”

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor is excited about how WINEDEPOT’s partnership with Border Express is evolving. 

“We are very fortunate to have the ongoing support of Luff family who owns and operate the Border Express business. Their confidence in our vision and willingness to continue to invest in the partnership is both exciting and encouraging given their 30 years of experience building the largest Australian owned express freight company. I look forward to not only rolling our the new depot network but looking for other ways in which we grow our businesses together.” 

Border Express Founder Mr. Max Luff is also very encouraged by the deepening partnership between the businesses. 

“I believe much of Border Express’ success comes from our strong family values. We never lose sight of the fundamentals of customer care and continually strive to deliver an exceptional service level for our customers. As the third generation of our family moves into the business, we’ve never been more focused on embracing innovation and setting benchmarks within our industry. We understand that this takes time, effort and patience.” “Dean’s vision for WINEDEPOT and the ethos that supports it aligns with our core values. To help him roll out a solution like this that not only makes the wine supply chain more efficient but also delivers more dollars back into regional areas, is an honour and privilege.”

WINEDEPOT expands delivery fleet to cater for expected growth 

According to WINEDEPOT COO, Steven Alexander, who is overseeing the roll out of the new depot network, believes the move will provide a range of other benefits for WINEDEPOT and its customers. 

“The first of these is that it allows us to expand our network of final mile carriers. Up until now we have relied exclusively on Australia Post to complete both our trade and consumer deliveries. While we plan to continue using Australia Post for direct-to-consumer orders, we will engage with a selection of other carriers for our direct-to-trade orders which tend to be larger, more time sensitive and often have very specific delivery requirements.” 

“Having access to more than one carrier allows us to maintain service levels when the network is congested more effectively. It also allows us to scale our platform more rapidly and de-risks our operation considerably. Introducing competition across the fleet also allows us to put pressure on improving service levels and costs.” 

“Secondly we will be able to increase the number of sites where we offer bonded storage. This has massive cash flow advantages for our customers who’s range includes beer and spirits as it allows them to delay the excise and duties payable, which should in turn increase our addressable market.” 

“Thirdly is that by being based within Border Express’ existing freight network allows us to not only replenish our east coast depots overnight but also to cross-dock orders picked and packed at our National Distribution Centre (NDC) overnight too. This may not sound like much but it allows customers using our NDC the ability to send us picking orders into the evening with guaranteed next day delivery service to all of the east coast capitals. Being able to service the entire east coast market from one inventory instance will make our National Distribution Centre a very attractive option for many producers.” 

“Lastly but by not the least, the strategy to temperature-control our depots reinforces our customer proposition, reduces our cost of doing business and help us to build an even larger moat against potential competition.”

WINEDEPOT establishes beachhead in New Zealand


WINEDEPOT expands internationally, establishing a beachhead in New Zealand 

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has established its first presence outside of Australia, with the appointment of Ashton Ireland as Business Development / General Manager for WINEDEPOT in New Zealand. 

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor is excited about the bilateral opportunity that having a presence in New Zealand provides for the WINEDEPOT business. 

“Over the last few months we’ve been approached by an ever growing number of New Zealand wine producers, looking for an easier and more cost effective way to service customers in Australia without them needing to develop an active presence here. After all, Australia is one of their largest export markets.” 

“I’m pleased to announce that we have developed an import-export solution that allows the 500 or so New Zealand wineries to hold inventory here on consignment and take advantage of our integrated trading and logistics platform to service their direct-to-consumer and direct-to-trade orders. Similarly I see an enormous opportunity for Australian wineries to leverage our platform to service customers in New Zealand.” 

“Currently it costs at least AU$90 to ship a dozen bottles of wine between New Zealand and Australia. Using our platform, the shipping will be about AU$7.95 per case (to Australian metropolitan areas). At that price, which many wineries will happily absorb, I’m confident that we’ll see a trans-Tasman wine market open up with a rapidly growing base of direct-to-consumer orders. This will especially be the case if the borders reopen between the countries for tourism as our respective governments have been discussing.”

WINEDEPOT ramps up customer acquisition program tripling its sales & marketing team


WINEDEPOT expands its sales & marketing team with six new recruits 

WINEDEPOT to put ‘boots on ground’ in key wine regions 

Digital Wine Ventures (DW8 ASX), or the “Company”, is pleased to provide an update on the development of its WINEDEPOT business. 

WINEDEPOT expands its sales & marketing team with six new appointments 

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has recruited several new executives to join its sales and marketing team. The new hires join Aaron Brasher, who commenced last month in the newly created Head of Business Development role. 

This follows on from CEO Dean Taylor’s July announcement which stated “Our technology and logistics platform is handling the compounding growth in both customers and orders extremely well. I feel that we are now in a good position to start ramping up our customer acquisition program in preparation for the launch of our Direct-to-Trade Marketplace.” 

Recognising the importance of strong industry relationships and word of mouth referrals, the three new Business Development Managers will all be based within key wine regions. 

“We have recognised that having boots on the ground in key markets in COVID-19 market conditions is absolutely essential. Recruiting experienced, respected and knowledgeable industry professionals that are already immersed in these communities also opens a lot of doors for us. 

“To date we have managed to achieve what we have with just two business development managers, both located in South Australia and one of those only working two days per week. I’m looking forward to seeing what an expanded sales and marketing team can achieve.” 

New recruits include:

NICK JAMES-MARTIN – Business Development Manager (Margaret River, Western Australia) 

Nick has been deeply immersed in the wine industry for almost two decades, gaining invaluable experience across a broad range of roles in well-known wine businesses such as Vasse Felix, Stella Bella, d’Arenberg, Pernod Ricard and Rosemount Estate. 

Roles that he has held include global brand ambassador, export sales manager, winemaker, wine writer & presenter. A graduate of Bachelor in Wine Marketing, he also holds a Masters in Oenology, WSET Level III and has been a guest lecturer in Oenology at University of Adelaide. 

He is also the founder and maker of ‘Wines of Merritt’, a boutique Margaret River based Winery making low intervention wines. Nick’s appointment provides WINEDEPOT with a highly respected member of the Margaret River winemaking community, to service customers located in and around this market. He commences on 14 September 2020. 

MATTHEW TALBOT – Business Development Manager (Yarra Valley, Victoria) 

Matt is a highly successful sales, marketing and operational professional with extensive experience in wine distribution, winery management, hospitality management, brand management, warehousing & logistics and importing and exporting. 

Matt spent seven years with the Joval Wine Group (Red+White), one of Australia’s largest distributors, where he managed both domestic and export sales for a portfolio of brands including Catalina Sounds, Nanny Goat & Sticks. Prior to this he was a Sales Manager with the group selling and marketing key brands such as Giant Steps, Shaw+Smith, Felton Road, Roederer, Vietti and Domaine Ott. 

Matt currently lives on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley and his most recent role was managing Coombe Yarra Valley, a beautiful and chic winery / restaurant, located in the former home of opera singer Dame Nellie Melba. His appointment provides WINEDEPOT with a dedicated resource based in one of Australia’s most well known wine regions, with a very strong network in the Victorian wine and hospitality industries. He commences on 28 September 2020. 

ASHTON IRELAND – Business Development / General Manager (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) 

‘Ash’ is a seasoned wine industry executive with a strong background in business management, having launched, built and recently successfully exiting one of New Zealand’s fastest growing and successful wine brands Hãhã. 

Prior to that he was the General Manager of Craggy Range Vineyards, an internationally recognised winery, responsible for brand advocacy and ambassadorial representation for their Wild Rock brand across domestic and all international markets. Before entering the wine industry he leveraged his Bachelor of Business Studies Degree from Massey University working as a Financial Controller in an import / export and retail business. 

His strengths include strategic development, brand building, product management and development, financial management, delivering revenue, sales leadership, international business, systems development, and relationship management. Ash will leverage his strong relationships within the New Zealand wine industry contacts to help WINEDEPOT establish and rapidly develop a presence in that market. He commences on 14 September 2020. 

SIMON MEILAK – Head of Customer Service 

Simon is a highly skilled and successful customer experience executive with over 18 years of contact centre experience in maximizing customer satisfaction, through effective leadership and proactive strategies. 

He joins us after spending the last 4 years at Pet Circle, an extremely successful startup that has become Australia’s 3rd largest e-commerce business and Australia’s largest online pet store with over 500,000 repeat customers. Under his stewardship, their customer service team grew from 3 to over 120 agents both on and off-shore, delivering world class service levels to the 50,000 plus contacts per month the business had across various communication channels. Prior to that he held Sales Operations Management and Contact Centre Operations Management roles at SpinTel another startup that delivers bespoke Telco services to consumers and businesses. 

Simon will leverage his experience in establishing and operating world-class contact centres to build WINEDEPOT a resource capable of supporting the rapid growth of the business. He commences on 14 September 2020. 

RACHEL KIM – Digital Marketing Strategist 

Rachel is an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist with a solid background in marketing strategy, project management, copywriting, content creation and social media marketing. She also has over 5 years of hands-on experience in B2B marketing and lead generation. 

She joins us after spending the last two years working for Wise Up Marketing Solutions, a full-service marketing agency. Prior to that she held roles with a strategic B2B lead generation agency and as an in-house marketing manager for a hospitality group. 

In addition to her marketing experience, she has strong financial, analytical and statistical skills holding a B.A. Economics from UNSW with a double major in Financial Economics and Marketing. 

As the first member of our in-house marketing team, Rachel will be instrumental in leveraging the fantastic case studies and testimonials that the business has managed to generate so far to build deeper brand awareness and acquire new customers. She commenced on 31 August 2020. 

RISTE STANKOVSKI – Final Mile Manager 

Riste is a seasoned supply chain operative with over 30 years’ experience in front-line operational management of national multi-node distribution and transport networks. His extensive experience covers elements such as storage, warehousing, kitting, international logistics, inventory control, transportation (rail, air, road and express final mile) and distribution across various channels to market. 

He joins WINEDEPOT from Gerard Lighting Group, Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of lighting products and accessories with an annual turnover of $400m employing 800 people nationally. As their National Logistics & Distribution Manager he supervised 9 distribution centres, 120 warehouse personnel, a product range of over 40,000 unique SKU’s and their 3PL relationships. His role as Final Mile Manager at WINEDEPOT is to oversee and optimise our 3PL carrier network ensuring that they meet our customers’ service level, delivery time and productivity expectations. He commenced on 3 August 2020.

WINEDEPOT Direct-to-Trade Marketplace to offer users access to Credit as a Service


  • WINEDEPOT to offer Credit as a Service to Direct-to-Trade Marketplace users 
  • WINEDEPOT expects guaranteed and accelerated payment terms to attract suppliers
  • WINEDEPOT expects single account, single invoice, single delivery & single payment to appeal to trade buyers 
  • WINEDEPOT Credit as a Service adds another revenue stream to the business model 

Digital Wine Ventures (DW8 ASX), or the “Company”, is pleased to report that it has entered into a proposal to partner with Multi Service Pty Limited (“Multi Service”), a global B2B payment solutions provider, to offer Credit as a Service (CaaS) to users of WINEDEPOT’s Direct-to-Trade Marketplace when it is launched later this year. 

Similar to Afterpay and other point-of-purchase credit solutions, it is intended that WINEDEPOT’s credit solution will be outsourced to our payment solutions partner, who will take responsibility for managing the invoicing, collection and fraud detection processes. Importantly the payment solutions partner will also assume the risk and recourse while guaranteeing payment.

Digital Wines CEO, Dean Taylor is confident that the provision of CaaS will have significant appeal to both suppliers and trade buyers, whose cash flows have been under intense pressure due to the government restrictions related to COVID-19 which forced the majority of restaurants and hospitality venues to close over the last few months. 

“For as long as I can remember, the hospitality industry has relied heavily on overly generous terms provided to them by wine and alcohol suppliers. It is not uncommon for suppliers to wait up to 120 or 180 days to be paid in full. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has made the situation worse.” 

“To help the industry get back on its feet, we intend to offer suppliers using our Direct-to-Trade Marketplace the ability to receive cleared funds within 48-72 hours of each sale. Stacked on top of all the other benefits our platform will offer, I have no doubt that suppliers will find this optional service this very attractive.”  

Mr Taylor is also confident that the addition of Credit as a Service will also appeal to trade buyers who will no longer need to open and manage accounts with dozens of different suppliers on different trading terms. Instead they will be able to purchase everything they need through a single account on a single invoice, that is received in a single delivery and settled with single payment 30 days from the end of each month. 

“What attracted us to Multi Service to provide the Credit as a Service product is their deep domain experience and investment in cutting–edge technology that allows their payment system to be integrated directly into our own platform. This allows us to make the customer credit approval process as frictionless as possible, with credit lines of up to AUD $250,000 approved in less than 30 seconds.”

“The proposed introduction of the Credit as a Service product will also provide WINEDEPOT with an additional revenue stream, while at the same time reducing administration costs. It makes our whole proposition very attractive to both suppliers and trade buyers.” 

“Given all of the challenges that Australian wineries have been through over the last six months, I expect wine producers in particular will find the ability to accelerate their cash cycle flow and reduce their account administration, collection and recovery costs for a small fee very attractive. I believe that the addition of this service will help to accelerate our penetration into Australia’s existing $5.3billion wholesale liquor market.” 

The Company cautions that the proposal with Multi Service is subject to and conditional on the execution of a definitive binding Services Agreement. The additional material terms of the proposal are noted below:

  • Term: Two years from the launch of the service, with the term to automatically extend for a further one year unless either party seeks to terminate earlier. Either party may terminate for a material unremedied breach, and the Company has additional termination rights to terminate for convenience. 

Fees: A one-off implementation fee and minimum monthly fees are to apply for the term of the Services Agreement. The fees are considered market-standard and are not considered material.

WINEDEPOT brand portfolio continues to grow

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has signed up another 17 brands to use its integrated trading and logistics platform since the last update. 

New brands using the integrated trading and logistics platform include:  

  • Patrick of Coonawarra Coonawarra, SA 
  • Forester Estate Margaret River, WA 
  • Zontes Footstep McLaren Vale, SA
  • Dowie Doole McLaren Vale, SA 
  • Izway Wines Barossa Valley, SA
  • Penna Lane Wines Clare Valley, SA 
  • Piccadilly Vineyards Adelaide Hills, SA
  • Goodman Wines Yarra Valley, VIC
  • 19 degrees – 

The company is pleased to announce that WINEDEPOT signed up its first small distributor,
Turallo Wine Distribution, who represents a number of brands including:

  • Grove Estate Wines Hilltops, NSW 
  • stomp! Hunter Valley, NSW 
  • Sholto Wines Canberra Districts, NSW 
  • Vino Intrepido Victoria 
  • Cargo Road Wines Orange, NSW
  • Belarna Grove Hunter Valley, NSW 
  • Taninos Del Sud Argentina
  • Cheeky Tiki Apple Cider – 

GO ROGUE with this 15 bottle pack – Includes 3 x BONUS bottles with free delivery.

Introducing Gone Rogue Mish Mash Red and Mash Up White from Rogue Vintner. Created by global wine industry expert Matt Herde, with the sole purpose to craft flavourful, elegant and sophisticated wines without the confines of traditional wine norms. After more than 20 years working in the world of wine, Matt could see a gap in the market for wines that were not necessarily about a specific variety or region but those that were seriously good and all about flavour. Pure and simple. Wines that appealed to a new and adventurous wine drinker that are approachable and interesting.

After an outstanding response in the USA including a 3/3 stars from the Washington Post, the wines are now available in Australia! At the core, these are seriously made wines that bring a little irreverence – there are no boundaries by region, no restrictions on varieties or limits in wine-making. 

The wine-making philosophy is to create wines that are approachable, fruit forward, fresh, flavourful and balanced, appealing to a new and adventurous drinker.

The Wine Pilot scored both the 2019 Mish Mash White and the 2018 Mash Up Red 91 POINTS. The Mash Up Red recently featured in The Australian and received a top review.

We like to think of ourselves as innovators and it’s a thrill to join fellow innovator Wine Depot. It’s thanks to Wine Depot that we can offer a unique and some might say ‘innovative’ new pack – one that gives you more than ever before.

Rogue Vintner is generously offering Digital Wine Ventures investors and friends the Gone Rogue 15 pack which includes 3 x bonus bottles. Better than a baker’s dozen, wouldn’t you say?!

The pack includes:

  • 6 x 2019 Gone Rogue Mish Mash White
  • 6 x 2018 Gone Rogue Mash Up Red 
  • 3 x 2017 Gone Rogue Mash Up Red as the bonus bottles

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We hope you enjoy these wines from our friends at Rouge Vintner.

WINEDEPOT processes a record number of orders in August

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT processed a total of 4,151 orders in August up 24% on the 3,353 orders processed in July. 

The total number of cases shipped was 8,488 coming in 28% higher than last month. 

Despite the increase in customers, most of the volume growth in August came from existing customers ramping up their order volumes. 

Five Geese Wines – Father’s Day Offer

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We are passionate about producing quality wines!

Five Geese Wines is a boutique McLaren Vale wine producer, that is nestled in an elevated area called Blewitt Springs located in the north-eastern end of the Willunga basin. Sited about 180m above sea level, the higher elevation provides a cooler climate than nearby McLaren Vale and Willunga extending the ripening season by two to three weeks than the rest of the district.

These extra weeks give the fruit time to develop more complex flavour ripeness – developing a beautiful balance of flavour, acidity, and sugar, which then translate into complex, but not overly alcoholic wines. This supports Five Geese’s philosophy is to produce premium wines that are recognised as excellent value for money.

Five Geese produce a range of interesting and exciting wines including Rose, Cabernet, Shiraz, Grenache and Nero d’Avola. Reserve and awarding winning labels include:

            Pippali’ Old Vine Shiraz                                             
            Jen’s Block Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
            Jen’s Block Reserve Shiraz    
            Sue’s Paddock Reserve Grenache

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We hope you enjoy these great wines!

Flexibility and Breadth: Same-day metro delivery and the ability to send single bottles direct are a game-changer for Babo Wines.

Back in 2009, Justin Bubb had spent almost a decade in Italy leading the transformation of the winemaking at famed winery, Castello di Gabbiano. He had seen enough during his time in Europe to identify an opportunity to bring great quality Italian wines back to Australia. Taking an Italian nickname for a tool that measures the Baumé (sugar) in grapes, BABO was born. 

Speaking with Simon McKeown from BABO wines on the decision to partner with WINEDEPOT, he shares that flexibility – particularly the ability to ship single bottles or 3-packs rather than 6, same-day service potential and consolidation of delivery services with consistent and competitive pricing across Australia were the biggest drawcards. 

“BABO Wines is a small business that has been operating for ten years with a strong presence in restaurants and bars. However, when you have a brand that’s strong in on-premise, you don’t really have a chance to tell your story. One of our focuses for the coming years is to increase the consumer-facing part of our business and increase our direct-to-consumer sales Australia wide.” 

“We’ve been looking at our business model and what we realised is that we needed flexibility in our partnerships. What we were finding was that a lot of the major distributor’s efficiencies were based on cases of wine. However, with customers wanting to order 6 different wines at a time, there was no consistency with pick pricing, whilst courier charges, especially outside of capital cities were exorbitant. It became a challenge to navigate this and our margins were being impacted.” 

“It was just by chance I stumbled across WINEDEPOT and looking at the website it appeared to solve a lot of the issues we were facing. One of our challenges has been getting people to commit to ordering a 6-bottle pack which was previously our minimum order.  We wanted to reduce that commitment for people who perhaps haven’t tried our wines before, so with WINEDEPOT the fact that we can do 3 bottle packs or process single bottle orders was very appealing. Also, just the breadth of services provided really appeals, we are a small winery, but we’re looking to grow.”

 “Same-day delivery in Melbourne and Sydney CBD when things normalise will be fantastic. We’ve also been using WINEDEPOT for a few trade customers which has been really useful.”

 “We’re looking at Sydney and Melbourne as initial direct-to-consumer markets we want to grow, particularly with the same-day delivery offer. As we grow and get a bigger customer base, we will add Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, it will be a bit of a game-changer.” 

“One of our initiatives has been ‘send a friend’. So, if you buy 6 wines from us today, you can nominate a friend who we will send a bottle to – which is a great way to help people connect especially for those in Victoria in isolation. Without WINEDEPOT, we would not have been able to consider this type of initiative”

Visit BABO Wines >

WINEDEPOT helps Koonara Estate reduce carbon footprint while speeding up deliveries

Koonara Estate – Nicole Reschke shares why the family-owned winery chose WINEDEPOT.

The Reschke family has lived in Coonawarra for over 100 years. First running a cattle stud, then later venturing into wine. Wine has been their passion since 1988. The land chosen for the vineyards was carefully selected out of the 3,000 acres available on the property in Coonawarra. They believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good but consistent and age-worthy each year. 

The family-owned winery run a skeleton team who were managing all direct-to-consumer orders themselves, from picking & packing to arranging eParcel deliveries. As COVID-19 saw a huge increase in direct-to-consumer sales, they reached out to WINEDEPOT to improve their efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. 

“With the growth in direct-to-consumer, it became quite a labour-intensive operation getting our orders out and we thought our resources would be better utilised if we could outsource that component of the business. We thought it was a better carbon footprint as well, rather than our wine being stored in Adelaide then shipped back to Coonawarra before being shipped out to the customer,” says Nicole.  

Despite COVID-19’s impact on deliveries, Nicole shares that since working with WINEDEPOT orders have been delivered faster than previously. “We’ve had great feedback and the speed of deliveries has increased dramatically.” 

Timing was perfect as well, with the direct-to-consumer component of their business increasing significantly with COVID-19. “Direct-to-consumer has become a bigger part of our market, and we’d like to hold onto this. We were fortunate that this essentially replaced our wholesale market in April and May. Prior to COVID-19 direct-to-consumer sales represented maybe 10-15% of our business, and since has been up to 50% of our business.”

The biggest benefit, she shares, however has been the utilisation of human resources. Rather than under-employing people and having their lean team picking and packing the influx of orders, they’ve been able to upskill and redeploy their staff into more skilled areas that will bring greater long-term returns to the business.

“I believe great customer service is what will help us retain that so it’s great to be able to outsource other areas of the business and focus on our relationship with our customers.” 

Visit Koonara Estate >

WINEDEPOT customers clean up at 2021 Halliday Wine Companion Awards

The Company is pleased to announce that two of its foundation customers, Henschke and Brokenwood took out the two most coveted prizes at the Halliday Wine Companion Awards, which were announced last night. These include:

Henschke 2021 Halliday Winery of the Year  
Brokenwood 2021 Halliday Wine of the Year 

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor passes on his congratulations to these wineries saying “We are extremely proud to work with these two iconic wineries, who year after year continue to produce such extraordinary wines. Having them as foundation customers is an honour and privilege and we look forward to continuing to delivering many more of their award winning wines to their customers.”