WINEDEPOT partners with Vivino, the world’s largest wine app and marketplace

 WINEDEPOT has completed the technical integration and onboarding as part of a partnership with Vivino, the world’s most downloaded mobile wine app and largest online wine marketplace. 

With 50 million users worldwide, Vivino’s unique wine shopping experience uses community data to suggest personalized wine recommendations, making wine discovery and purchase fun, accessible, and effortless for wine drinkers of every level of expertise. 

Under the partnership, WINEDEPOT will provide Australian wineries the ability to list their products for sale on Vivino directly without having to set up an account, develop an IT integration, monitor inventory availability or manage order fulfilment. 

Instead, their products will be automatically uploaded via WINEDEPOT DIRECT, a new part of WINEDEPOT’s integrated trading and logistics platform, that allows suppliers to sell to customers across a broad range of direct-to-consumer sales channels.   

Orders generated from Vivino will be picked, packed and delivered by WINEDEPOT, allowing Vivino’s community of users to purchase across multiple suppliers at the same time while taking advantage of same and next day delivery services in locations where those services are available. 

The partnership between WINEDEPOT and Vivino allows producers to generate higher margins and take control of their brand within the rapidly growing sales channel. Currently, the majority of wine sold on Vivino in Australia is through a network of partner retailers.

Launched in 2010 by founders Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard, Vivino launched its marketplace business in 2015.  Last year the company helped 700 independent wine businesses sell over USD 265 million* of wine as consumers around the world shifted en masse to online purchasing. Australia is just one of the 17 countries where Vivino has a marketplace.

Vivino recently announced that it had raised USD 155 million to expand its presence in key growth markets globally and improve its technology.** 





WINEDEPOT releases rates for Direct-to-Trade Marketplace

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has released its rate card for its Direct-to-Trade marketplace (Market). 

The business will charge Market suppliers a standard commission of 10% of the wholesale price, with payment being released 30 days end-of-month. Those suppliers wishing to take advantage of WINEDEPOT’s Payment Accelerator service will be charged an additional 2.5% of the sale price to have their funds released in 3 days. 

Buyers will not pay any commission. Logistics fees will be charged based on the standard rate card.

The commission rate being charged to suppliers by WINEDEPOT is well below the 35% that is typically charged by liquor distributors. The savings offered together with the ability to get paid within 3 days is expected to make the Market a very attractive to suppliers of all scales.  

To encourage participation WINEDEPOT will also be providing suppliers who sign up before 30 June 2021 an introductory offer where storage, listing and handling fees will be waived until the end of the year. 

WINEDEPOT ships 15,764 cases in January up over 727% MoM

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT shipped a total of 15,764 cases in January, up +727% Month on Month (MoM) on last year. In total 7,408 orders were processed over the period, up +605% MoM.  This equated to an average of 2.13 cases shipped per order, higher than the 1.85 case average over the previous 12 months, as the trend in purchasing wine directly from wineries continued to build momentum. 

CEO Dean Taylor is extremely pleased with how the business has started the year stating.
“January is typically one of the quietest months of the year for wine sales. The fact that we were up so significantly on prior year and only down just over one third on our peak cases shipped in December demonstrates the underlying growth in our logistics business. Even without the expected uplift from the B2B marketplace, I expect it won’t be long before we’re setting new records again.”

WINEDEPOT ships 15,764 cases in January up over 727% MoM
WINEDEPOT ships 15,764 cases in January up over 727% MoM

WINEDEPOT takes dominating position within McLaren Vale

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has welcomed a total of 16 new customers since the last update, with 7 of those being McLaren Vale based wineries. This takes the total number of customers now serviced in McLaren to 65 of the estimated 74 cellar doors and 160 vineyards in the region.

CEO Dean Taylor is extremely pleased with the level of penetration that WINEDEPOT has developed in that region, stating “McLaren Vale is a prime example of how word of mouth, positive testimonials and customer referrals have helped us develop a dominating market share in a very short amount of time.” 

“I expect to see our penetration levels in other markets and regions ramp up too, as the grassroots efforts that we’ve made building relationships with regional icons start to pay similar dividends.”

Taylor went on to explain that the number of new customers was relatively subdued in December as potential customers focused their attention on maximising sales and avoided making substantial changes to their fulfilment networks over the busy seasonal period. 

New customers include: 

Australian wine producers

  • Alluca Vineyards McLaren Vale, SA
  • Bellevue Estate McLaren Vale, SA
  • Cape Barren Wines McLaren Vale, SA 
  • Dodgy Brothers Wines McLaren Vale, SA
  • Foggo Wines McLaren Vale, SA
  • Guildford Vineyard Central Victoria, VIC
  • Montalto Mornington Peninsula, VIC
  • Paxton Wines McLaren Vale, SA
  • Sabella Vineyards McLaren Vale, SA
  • Totino Estate Wines Adelaide Hills, SA 


International producers 

  • Bald Hills Wines Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Lime Rock Wines Hawkes Bay, NZ
  • Little Frances Wines California, USA 
  • Radburnd Cellars Hawkes Bay, NZ 



  • Retailer / Distributor 

Australian Seltzer Seltzer producer

WINEDEPOT ships almost 25,000 cases in December, up over 1,000% MoM

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT shipped a total of 24,933 cases in December, up 1,072% Month on Month on the same period last year. A total of 12,884 orders were processed in December, up 113% on the number reported for November 2020.

This equated to an average of 1.86 cases shipped per order, higher than the average of 1.65 achieved over the previous three months as consumers stocked up for the holiday period.

WINEDEPOT to launch ‘Insider Trading’ wine club

As announced at the recent AGM, DW8 Shareholders will soon be able to purchase wine and other products via WINEDEPOT’s Marketplace at preferential prices through a direct-to-consumer initiative called the ‘Insider Trading’ wine club. 

The invitation-only membership program will extend to staff employed by suppliers and or the trade buyers using WINEDEPOT’s Direct-to-Trade Marketplace. 

Members, called ‘Insiders’, will have access to a range of benefits including invitations to private wine dinners, masterclasses and other events in due course.

For more details about the ‘Insider Trading’ wine club, please register your details on the company website at

WINEDEPOT expands its addressable market, offering wine producers access to a range of Direct-to-Consumer sales channels

The Company is pleased to announce the WINEDEPOT will be expanding its addressable market, by providing wineries the ability to not only list their products for sale on the Direct-to-Trade Marketplace, but also across a broad range of Direct-to-Consumer channels including online retailers and consumer marketplaces. 

In addition, WINEDEPOT will open its Marketplace up to corporate, SMEs and other registered businesses – on a “Costco-like” membership model, that provides discounted pricing for larger purchases. 

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor explains the rationale for opening the Marketplace up to businesses. 

“Up until now, the focus of our Marketplace has been servicing trade buyers such as restaurants, bars, hotels, bottle shops and other licensed venues who often have very particular delivery requirements. However, we’ve recognized that the platform and fulfillment infrastructure that we have developed is also well suited to servicing corporates and businesses that purchase in larger volumes as well. Especially as our customer base now includes beer, cider and craft spirits producers as well.” 

“We see the push into this segment as an excellent way to provide the producers that we are working with another way to help clear the expected oversupply of inventory stemming from the overnight collapse of the Chinese wine export market.” 

WINEDEPOT confirms it has zero exposure to China trade tariffs 

The Company is pleased to advise investors that its principal operating business, WINEDEPOT has zero exposure to Australian wine exports to China, following the Chinese government’s recent decision to impose tariffs of between 107% and 212% on Australian wine. 

Given the material uncertainty and sovereign risk posed by recent developments in China, market, the Company will prioritise its international expansion focus in other major markets for Australian wine such as the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore and close its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary.

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor is concerned about the impact that these tariffs will have on the Australian wine industry but believes that the need for affected producers to clear excess inventory within the local market will provide further tailwinds for the Company. 

“China currently imports about $1.2 billion of Australia wine each year. One of the key drivers of the growth of this market was the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which provided Australian producers a significant competitive advantage over other wine producing nations through reduced taxes and duties.” 

“The tariffs now imposed will triple the price of some Australian wines, which undoubtedly have a significant impact on their competitiveness in that market.  As a result, there’s going to be millions of litres of wine that will need to be sold in other markets.” 

“This should be extremely beneficial for WINEDEPOT as the affected producers look for new routes to market. Along with the rapid switch to online buying due to COVID-19, this oversupply of inventory provides the perfect storm to launch our Direct-to-Trade marketplace.” 

WINEDEPOT welcomes 12 new customers to the platform

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has welcomed a total of 12 new customers since last month’s update. Please note that this excludes any new customers acquired by Wine Delivery Australia during the period. New customers include: 

Australian wine producers

  • Frazer Woods Wines | Margaret River, WA
  • Jacob’s Creek (Pernod Ricard) | Barossa Valley, SA 
  • Starrs Reach Vineyard |  Various Regions, SA 
  • Terranu Wines | Various Regions, SA

New Zealand wine and spirit producers

  • Lamont Wines |  Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Mount Michael Wines |  Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Mt Rosa Wines | Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Pisa Range Estate | Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Three Miners Vineyard | Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Reefton Distilling Co. | New Zealand 


  • PINOT PALOOZA /  | Retailer
  • Exhibition Trade | Importer of South American Wines

Wine Delivery Australia sets a cracking pace in November

Digital Wine Ventures Limited is also pleased to provide an update on the performance of its recent acquisition, Wine Delivery Australia Pty Ltd (WDA), which has outperformed the guidance that we provided in our announcement on 30 November 2020. 

NOTE: Given the acquisition of WDA was officially completed at the end of November 2020, these numbers are pre-acquisition and therefore are not part of the Company’s sales however are noted for illustrative purposes only. The Company intends to release consolidated numbers from next month’s update onwards. 

WINEDEPOT ships a record number of cases shipped in October

The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT shipped a total of 9,749 cases in October, up 34% on the 7,265 total cases shipped in September. 

WINEDEPOT also processed another record number of orders in October coming in at 5,817, up 23% on the previous record-breaking month in September.  

The average number of cases shipped per order in October was 1.7, slightly lower than the long-term average of 1.8 cases shipped per order.


WINEDEPOT welcomes a total of 35 new brands to the platform

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has welcomed a total of 17 new customers representing a total of 34 new brands onto its integrated trading and logistics platform since the last update.

This brings the total number of brands using the platform to 126, including the first five of what the Company expects will be a growing contingent of New Zealand beverage brands.

Customers and brands added include:

Australian Wineries:

  • AG Wine Direct  |  Imported wines
  • Corduroy Wines  |  Adelaide Hills, SA
  • Grandet Wines  | Wine Importer
  • Kilikanoon Wines  | Clare Valley, SA
  • Kreglinger Wine Estates  |  Tasmania
  • Muster Wine Co  |  Barossa & Clare Valley, SA
  • Rusty Mutt Wines  |  McLaren Vale, SA


New Zealand Wineries:

  • Chard Farm  |  Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Hancock & Sons  |  Various Regions, New Zealand
  • Spy Valley / Envoy  |  Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Squawking Magpie Wines  |  Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
  • The National Distillery  |  Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


Craft Spirit & Beverage Producers: 

  • Ampersand Projects
  • Dancing Sands Distillery
  • Bottled Creations
  • Formula Bev