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Tuscany ( Toscana), the birthplace of the renaissance, famed across the world for its stunning coast and rolling hills. Beautiful, evocative, Tuscany is one of the most picturesque ( and photographed) places on Earth. And that’s before we get to the incredible local wine and cuisine. Even the cities are jaw-dropping, best illustrated by its magical capital, Florence ( Firenze), that drips with historical significance and beauty. You can see why so many people have dreamt of uttering the line ‘Yes, I like to spend most of August at our villa in Tuscany…’.  

Anyway, this is our roundabout way of saying there are worse spots for making great vino…Three of our wines are made in the region and Justin, our winemaker, spent almost 10 years there overseeing wine making at the revered Castello di Gabbiano winery. That’s why Tuscany, in so many ways, is our physical and spiritual home.

If you gotten all the way down here, then it would be rude not to give you a reward!

For a limited time you can enjoy 15% off our entire range of wines.

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We hope you enjoy these great wines!