WINEDEPOT partners with Border Express to develop a dedicated national freight service for wineries

Borders Express

The Company is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Border Express a privately owned Australian company that provides storage, transport and 3PL distribution services, to establish the Albury-Wodonga NDC and develop a dedicated national freight service for wineries.

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor is excited about the partnership saying “What attracted us to Border Express from the outset was not just the scale and reach of their operation, but also the fact they are a privately owned and operated family business who understand what it takes to build and support a national business.”

“We were fortunate that the Luff family recognised the potential of our vision and were willing to invest in a partnership by providing us access to highly competitive prices which will allow us to build up the storage and logistics volumes required to support our NDC and depot network.”

“They have the fleet, sites, technology, people and passion that I believe is required to support the service level we want to provide our customers. Our partnership with them enhances our proposition and allows us to release even more value for our customers and the broader wine and beverage industry.”

Border Express Founder Mr. Max Luff is also positive about the partnership and sees enormous potential for WINEDEPOT’s platform to drive much needed consolidation in what can only be described as a very fragmented and inefficient market.

“Dean’s vision for WINEDEPOT is genuinely exciting. The cost of moving a few pallets at a time around the country is expensive and highly erosive on most wineries margins. Working with him to help create a network that will make that much more affordable for the wine industry is something that we are proud to be part of.”

WINEDEPOT’s expects to launch the dedicated national freight service in July 2020.