WINEDEPOT to launch National Distribution Centre

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT is in the process of launching a 10,000 pallet climate-controlled National Distribution Centre (NDC) in the Albury-Wodonga region.

Strategically located on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, WINEDEPOT’s NDC is centrally located within a large number of major wine producing regions including the Alpine Valleys, Beechworth, Bendigo, Canberra District, Goulburn Valley, Glenrowan, Gundagai, Hilltops, King Valley, Murray Darling, Perricoota, Riverina, Rutherglen, Strathbogie Ranges, Swan Hill and Tumbarumba.

Located almost half way between Sydney and Melbourne on one of the countries busiest freight routes, the NDC will provide wineries in the area access to a much-needed regional storage and distribution hub capable of supporting next day deliveries to the east coast capitals.

With good road and rail access to both Sydney and Melbourne ports, it also provides a central location where wine producers can consolidate, pack and ship their export customer orders.

The NDC is also expected to generate substantial efficiencies for WINEDEPOT by reducing storage and freight costs while improving depot replenishment times.

Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor explains that the establishment of a major distribution centre in the Albury-Wodonga region was always part of his original vision for WINEDEPOT.

“Strategically it makes a lot of sense. Not only will it make WINEDEPOT’s end-to-end fulfillment solution more appealing to NSW and Victorian customers and reduce operating costs but also provide us with an important resource to support our B2B Marketplace when it goes live later this year.”

“This facility provides us with an extra 10,000 pallet spaces of climate-controlled storage that can be increased to 25,000 pallets if required. Having this additional storage capacity will help us onboard customers and products much more quickly, particularly distributors with large portfolios.”

“The additional capacity also provides us the opportunity to increase our presence in the bulk packaged wine storage market, at a time when Wine Australia is warning that the global over supply of wine will be its highest in at least 10 years.”

WINEDEPOT’s expects to launch the NDC in July 2020.