Nov 11, 2021

Q1 FY22 Trading Update

In our recent trading update, DW8 CEO Dean Taylor has this to say:

“When we first launched the platform two years ago, our total addressable market was the direct to consumer wine market which was worth $1B at that time. We created a product that service that market well and we then used it to obviously develop relationships and build the critical mass required to support our logistics capability.

This strategy has allowed us to develop relationships with hundreds of suppliers and provided us access to their products. Progressively, we’ve rolled out new products and services to this customer base. Each of those has gone live and continues to expand our addressable market.

Acquisitions such as Kaddy have helped us expand well beyond wine to all beverages including the rapidly growing craft segments. As it stands today, our total addressable market in Australia is $37.2 billion. I’m confident that we will secure a solid percentage of this within a few years.

From Day 1 though, I’ve made it very clear that once we’ve consolidated a strong position in Australia, our intention is to expand our platform to other major countries where the same fragmentation of the liquor industry exists. This is still something we’re still committed to doing.

As shareholders, I believe it is very important for you to understand the enormous potential that we’re all sitting on. Our platform is unique. There is nothing like it in the rest of the world. Right now, we’re in pole position to provide the technology platform that empowers and digitally transforms the industry.”

Here are some key notes from the presentation:

Our total addressable market: $37.2 billion

o  50,000+ licensed venues

o  2,850+ AU & NZ wineries

o  2,500+ distributors & importers

o  700+ breweries

o  300+ distilleries


o  $3.04m ($4.62m proforma)

o  Up 685% on Q1 FY2021

o  Up 198% QoQ

Cases shipped

o  213,159 (314,260 proforma)

o  Up 851% on Q1 FY2021

o  Up 289% QoQ


o  $206,827

o  378 buyers acquired

o  Up 89% QoQ

Active suppliers

o  304 (723 total)

o  Up 964% on Q1 FY2021

o  Up 94% QoQ


Access full presentation here.